Niki de Saint Phalle


In 1961, the time of actionpainting and performances, Niki de Saint Phalle became known around the world for her Shooting paintings. After this she explored the various roles of woman. She made life size dolls of women, such as brides and mothers giving birth. The dolls are called “Nanas”.



Niki de Saint PhalleSerpent Goddess, 1982

Sculpture en polyester peintsigné, numéroté sous la base "Niki, n°6/7" Cachet Robert Haligon Edition de 7 exemplaires +3 EA h: 16cm w: 23cm d: 10cm

Niki de Saint PhalleBlack Nana, 1992

Inflatable sculpture based on the original and famous creation of Multicolor PVC Signed in the mass of the name of the artist and the publisher 83cm x 69cm

Niki de Saint PhalleCharriot


Niki de Saint PhalleNew York festival - Lincoln Center

180 x 96 cm | serigraphie