Teruko Yokoi


Teruko Yokoi has been active as an abstract painter mainly in Europe and the United States ever since taking up an opportunity to study art in the United States in 1953. Her personal sense of color and balance, together with her great love for nature (the principal subject in her work), are always present in her paintings which embrace a wide range of mediums such as egg tempera, water color, oil color and lithography amongst others.

1924 Born in Tsushima, Japan.
From an early age receives oil painting lessons from Kouki Suzuki, a member of Shunyo-kai Art Society • Wins prize in Tokai Art Exhibition. Graduates from Aichi Prefectural Tsushima Girls High School • 1949 Studies in Tokyo under Takanori Kinoshita. Wins prizes in Issuikai Exhibition and Nitten Exhibition • 1953 In January moves to United States and enters California School of Fine Arts (now San Francisco Art Institute) in San Francisco. Her painting experiences a gradual shift toward abstraction • ...


Teruko YokoiMoon Sonata, 1985

Original work. 2-teilig, je 65 x 48 cm Egg tempera with metallic colour Dated and signed

Teruko YokoiMisty Dark, 1976

Lithographie | 50 x 66 cm | Signiert und nummeriert | Edition 23/40

Teruko YokoiIn the Moonlight

50 x 65 cm | Edition 40