Marlene Tseng Yu


"The Glacier Melting Series started in 1965. It has continued through 2008, for it is my favorite subject. Without my realizing it, the series reflects what has become one of the most important issues today, as human lifestyles and habits increase global warming and cause glaciers to melt rapidly. I hope through my art to convey the urgent message - earth is in danger, please let us protect it together."

Marlene Tseng Yu wurde 1937 in Taiwan geboren • 1963 Umzug nach USA • 1969 – 2007 Studuo in So Ho New York • 2008 Umzug in ein Studio in Long Island City • 1960 Bachelor in Fine Arts an der National Universität in Taipei • 1967 Master in Fine Arts in der Universität Colorado at Boulder • 1967 bis 1968 Professur an der Denver Universität in Colorado • Seit 1994, Mitglid des Advisory Committee of the Fine Arts Departement der Universität in Colorado at Boulder • Seit 1995 Curator für Ausstellungen of the new art movement “Forces of Nature”
Mehrere Auszeichnungen für diverse Kunst Projekte: 2005 the first „MUSE“ Fine Arts Award in der Kategorie Muralist Paintings in Las Vegas

Rainforest Art Foundation
Marlene Tseng Yu ist Gründerin und Kuratorin der Rainforest Art Fondation


Tseng YuExhibition View


Tseng YuE-14-16_Glacier Garden

236 x 178 cm

Tseng YuF-3-06-69 Glacier Rapid Melting

91 x 122 cm

Tseng YuG-14-15 Melting Glacier

236 x 178 cm

Tseng YuH-14-14 Melting Glacier 2

236 x 178 cm

Tseng YuM-108-01 Melting Glacier

122 x 468 cm